Practical Solutions to
Modern Agriculture:

Dominion Organics is an environmentally conscious company that takes pride in “growing innovation”. We specialize in Agroganic (Organic Agriculture) Products and developing a range of services that will assist organic growers in their quest to grow better tasting, more nutritious, higher yielding crops. Dominion Organics is located in Ferndale, WA and has a history of applied research and development that has spanned over two decades allowing us to work with some of the top scientists and growers in pioneering certified organic vegetable production in North America.


In addition to these products, Dominion Organics locally grows and markets certified organic cucumbers and tomatoes in our 10,000 square foot commercial certified organic greenhouse. This is where Agroganic’s products are put to real life tests. Working with the growing conditions of smaller, low tech, family run operations helps us to provide better and more efficient products that serve the agricultural community while helping to enrich the soil and the overall environment.



A History of Applied Research in Organic Growing

Dominion Plant Laboratory started in Langley B.C. Canada doing product research and development for the agricultural market with an emphasis on the hydroponic greenhouse industry. Over a period of 7 years, 21 products were developed, field tested and brought to market. Two and half years ago, Dominion Plant Lab and Dominion Organics moved to Ferndale, …

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Introducing Benefox

Benefox: An all organic supplement for plants, soil, ponds & aquariums. *Unleashes explosive growth of beneficial bacteria *Strengthens plant resistance to disease *Increases crop yields *Establishes the nitrogen cycle in ponds & aquariums *Improves efficiency when used in conjunction with regular fertilizer programs View BENEFOX brochure HERE         SUPERGANIC: Superior complete liquid …

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