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Benezyme / Benefox


Benezyme is a product that is truly unique to all other microbiological products currently on the market. Benezyme has been 15 years in the making and is the results of years of microbiology, organism selection, the development of a proprietary cultural technology and years of field-testing in a wide range of crops. Benezyme is helpful in a very diverse number of applications; Benezyme is a certified organic product and can be used in any organically certified biological products commonly sold on the market, Benezyme performs extremely well in aqueos, high sal environments (e.g. hydroponic systems). Benezyme helps set up a biodynamic environment for aquariums/pond fish and plants. Benezyme sets up the nitrogen cycle in ponds and aquariums and works as a general pro-biotic for fish, increasing their ability to resist disease.


An all organic supplement for plants, soil, ponds & aquariums.

*Unleashes explosive growth of beneficial bacteria
*Strengthens plant resistance to disease
*Increases crop yields
*Establishes the nitrogen cycle in ponds & aquariums
*Improves efficiency when used in conjunction with regular fertilizer programs